By Stefania Aulicino

What is the first thing you did that marked you as an entrepreneur?

Remember the first customer that bought what you had to sell?

My first client at CapitalLinkUSA was someone who knew me at my prior employer- as an investment banker at Bear Stearns. Denny Ogden asked me to write a business plan to raise money for a company he wanted to grow. Not only did I write the plan but I raised Denny more money than he thought possible. Best of all, I obtained a very attractive valuation which meant Denny kept more ownership control than he had expected.

When other business owners learned of this result, they asked me to do the same. The more I worked with these business builders, the deeper became my knowledge and understating of their challenges. Following my passion, I narrowed my market niche to work exclusively with business owners committed to grow their company leveraging my distinctive insights. In true entrepreneurial fashion, I did not address client challenges in the same way as a traditional investment banker, financial advisor, or consultant- I created my own solutions and the Cash And Control System was revealed.

What I did is not unusual- it is the essence of entrepreneurship. Getting paid for something you create – doing what you love- is my definition of entrepreneur.

Your unique ability to create a future that would otherwise not exist is your most valuable asset.

When you – the business builder- have the confidence to use this asset you can grow your own clients; attract abundant growth capital to fuel your vision; profit from your passion.

You already possess the asset to control your destiny because you ARE the golden goose. All you need is to liberate your confidence to build upon that asset.

Stefania Aulicino is founder president of CapitalLInkUSA. For 20 years Stefania has helped business builders uncover the right capital for their optimum growth strategy so you get cash and keep control to build the business you really want.