By Stefania Aulicino

If you invest to grow in this recession- who will benefit? Your customers, who get innovative solutions to address their pain; your vendors, who get to sell more of their own products that go into your solution; the supply store that delivers cartridges for your printer and packaging materials; your IT vendor who keeps your web presence healthy so customers and prospects can find you; the restaurants in your neighborhood which nourish your team so they have the energy to implement the growth your company can achieve. That is just the tip of the ice berg.

Creating products attracts customers; customers generate revenue; revenue drives growth. And growth, in any market – creates value. Once you realize your growth creates value, you can sell that value to anyone and get cash.

As an entrepreneur, you rely on yourself to create your own products; to create your own customers; why not create your own funding sources. The operative word is create. As an innovative company, you don’t “look” for new products- you create them; you don’t “look” for new customers- you create them by educating them about the benefits only you can deliver. Now apply this same logic to creating funding sources out of people you know: the very players who benefit most from what you do best- customers, vendors, the supply store, the IT consultant and many more.

Why would these players contribute to your future? Why would each be willing to contribute small or even very large amounts of cash which together make up your financial mosaic, composed of lots of different sources of funding, which make it possible for you to build the products and consume the services that benefit them? Because they are all part of your eco-system. And, your company eco-system is a source of safe cash.

Let me use an analogy. Visualize a terrarium. A terrarium is a mini indoor garden in a jar. All it takes is a thin layer of soil at the bottom of a fish-tank like container and a few plants. Water it once; put a lid on it with a few air holes; now you have a terrarium- a closed system that will sustain those plants for a long time.

That little fish-tank terrarium with a few plants is a subsystem of a much larger eco-system; our planet is its own eco-system. Likewise your company’s eco-system is made up of complementary and symbiotic business players. Your company’s little eco-system is a subsystem of a much bigger economics system- the global economy.

Why will your company’s eco-system players be responsive to your request for funding to help you grow? The reason – even in this recession- is their own economic self interest:

  • No one wants to miss the opportunity to link up with a rising star
  • Your success is their success
  • They want to participate in a future only you can create.
  • Best of all it’s a safe investment.

Everyone has to put their money some place to protect their principle. But they prefer to get a return. Players in your eco-system understand your ability to create safe, profitable growth better than their alternative choices. You see, the money in your eco-system, like the water in your terrarium, never leaves the eco-system. Your eco-system is a closed system. That makes the players in your eco-system sources of safe cash for each other.

Why? Because each player shares the benefits of success of the eco-system. More importantly, each shares the pain of failure of any of the links in the eco-system which causes them to naturally want to help each other.

If a customer does not do well, vendors suffer; if vendors don’t’ do well, the supply store and IT consultant don’t do well. There is an incentive for all players in a given eco-system to pursue a common good for their own self interest. That is why I say your company’s eco-system is source of SAFE CASH.

As an entrepreneur, you create your own products; you create your own customers; so why not create your own funding sources? Divide your financial needs into small pieces and seek out players who understand your unique ability better than most to drive value. Access Safe Cash from those who operate in your own eco-system.

Stefania Aulicino is founder president of CapitalLinkUSA which ensures business builders secure resources – cash and talent- that share your passion. You have your choice of how to get Cash And Control: We do it for you with the Turnkey Cash and Control System or we offer you self learning tools with online Cash And Control System products.