By Stefania Aulicino

Prehistoric man consumed virtually all his waking day hunting for food to just survive. In his more advanced state, Man leaned to FARM. When he no longer had to worry about just surviving, Man liberated his creativity and mankind took a quantum leap forward. What would a quantum leap look like for your company? More revenue? More profit? More delegation, more free time? Bigger net worth? Perhaps a bigger difference in the world- in a way only you can make.

Why not F.A.R.M. for cash? All it takes is Faith in your passion; Assemble your own unique financing solution; Relationships- Leverage them! And M… I’ll tell you about that latter.

FARMing for cash lets you use the business skills you already have to get the cash you need to grow. Your company’s success to date is a testament to the fact you have the skills it takes.


FAITH is the skill you use to convert a prospect into a buying customer. That’s the same skill needed to convert any individual into a funding source for your company.

You keep in touch with touch with childhood friends- most don’t know what you do, but they trust you! You have earned integrity with the many people you work with in your industry. All these people need to put money to work, and based on the fact they have FAITH that you are a trustworthy place to put money to work, you begin to realize that virtually every one you know is a potential source of cash. In today’s economic environment, just as banks are not lending as usual, and the stock markets are less attractive than usual, much of the money is “outside” the normal system. Lots of people you know have money they want to put to work. And many of these people have FAITH in your passion and would like to fuel it. But, only if you ask them, and only if you Go Direct!

ASSEMBLE is the skill you use to turn raw materials and components into new business solutions. That’s the same skill needed to convert generic dollars into your own unique financial solutions.

The secret to getting the cash you want is to divide your financial needs into small pieces. When you do, ownership control is just not an issue! I call that the Mosaic Approach. Now you can reach out to all the players in your Business-EcoSystem, who see themselves as benefiting from your company’s success (vendors, customers, and even people who may not even know what you do but respect your integrity and have FAITH in your passion and would like to share in your success). When you ASSEMBLE lots of smaller sums of “generic dollars” from different people at different times–only when each is ready– you end up with a unique financial solution- and control. Go Direct! And the benefit is no fees/commission and no time delay!

RELATIONSHIP is the skill you use to charge different prices for the same product/service to different customers (just like the phone company!). That’s the same skill that lets you get the same number of dollars from different people at different costs to you. Cash on your terms. It’s all about Relationship- and how you leverage it. Offer friends 2 to 3 times the market interest rate and they will be happy with a return of principle with interest and the opportunity to help you out. Reach out to those in your EcoSystem whose own business benefits from your success and be creative with commercial relationships- price a geographic exclusive territory for a customer to sell your product with upfront fees, or ask for 180 day terms from a vendor who will profit from the success of your newest product. When you discover someone who really understands your industry and can offer true value to help you achieve safe, profitable growth, then you can exchange small amounts of ownerships (1% or 2 % ).

Based on your unique Relationships of those who have Faith in your passion, you can easily Assemble several hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars composed of Mosaic pieces to make up your unique financial solution to get cash on your terms. And you can Go Direct! So, what about the last letter of F.A.R.M.? M stands for Matchmaker.

MATCHMAKER is the skill you use to get cash and keep control when your vision requires the deep pockets of professional venture capitalists. That’s the same skill that lets you seek out an expertise you lack that turns your growth potential into profitable reality, when you add the right person in the right seat on your bus.

When you want Venture Capital, you are no longer in a position to Go Direct! to get cash for yourself. Not because of you, but because of the money. For 1 in 10 business owner’s – perhaps like you – whose vision is so great that you need $5 million, $10 million or more, then farming for cash looks more like Agri-business. That takes deep pocket professional investors. But venture capitalist are different sources that the sources you have been dealing with so far. Venture Capitalist are “agents”, investing the funds of others. That’s different from the “principal” investors you approached directly. Principal investors are people you know, who are investing their own funds and making their own decisions. To reach out to agents you need M which stands for Matchmaker. Your Matchmaker builds the credibility you lack with the professional Venture Capital community so that you can get cash and keep control even with these professionals.

F.A.R.M. works for 10 of 10 business owners who need cash to grow their company to its next level of profitable growth.

For 9 of 10 business owners, who need only a few million dollars, Faith, Assemble, Relationships are sufficient skills to empower you to access all the cash you need DIRECTLY, so Go Direct!

For 1 in 10 business owners, who need deep pocket venture capital money, empower yourself with the skills of a Matchmaker.

Don’t HUNT for cash to grow your company. F.A.R.M. for cash in any economic environment and get cash and keep control to achieve your company’s quantum leap.

Stefania Aulicino, president of CapitalLinkUSA ensures business owns get cash to keep control of a bigger, more profitable company, faster, safer than they ever thought possible- in any economy. Let us help you become a magnet for non equity and equity sources to fuel your growth. Please explore our tools, solutions and consulting options tailored for different growth stages and different budgets: