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Archive for May, 2010

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By Stefania Aulicino

How do you start your day?
Do you start your day with meditation? Exercise? That’s energy for your soul.
As an entrepreneur do you start your day with creativity? That’s energy for your corporate spirit.

Consider the cost of squandering the fresh start of your day cleaning-up emails? That’s energy that is reactive. Sure you want to prioritize a quick response to time sensitive inquires and delegate so you are free to focus on the critical start to your day: Creativity will determine how fast your revenue will grow.

Creativity is nuclear fuel for entrepreneurs to grow revenue. Nuclear because the more you use it the more prolific it becomes.

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By Stefania Aulicino

Where does growth for your company come from?
Different prisms offer different insights: perhaps Mozart is an ideal model for entrepreneurs.

Mozart created music reflecting his inner genius. He played compositions for his own pleasure, then for a small group of friends. Those who liked the music arranged salons and invited larger audiences to hear the works. Out of this exposure, a benefactor emerges with an opportunity for Mozart to deliver a composition for a specific “customer” for pay.

  • Music was created first.
  • Heard by others
  • And paid for.
  • Demand for more compositions spread.
  • And prices rose.

What can "Business" learn from "Art"?
Packaging your genius fuels growth.
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