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Archive for August, 2010

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By Stefania Aulicino

Tiger Woods, heralded as the best golf player in history, is having trouble at the PGA Championship 2010 tournament.

Press around his extra- marital affairs has spiraled to cloud his innate golf expertise. Clear proof of mind over matter.

As a business builder, how often do we allow circumstances to get in the way of our innate entrepreneurial expertise?
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By Stefania Aulicino

Remember when you were little and adults asked you “What do you want to be when you grow up?

You didn’t hesitate. You jumped a few decades and said “an Astronaut”;  “a doctor”; a lawyer” ; an “entrepreneur.”

You were not phased by the years of education in between today and your end goal. Nor did you worry about the cost, education required, the fact you might have to move to a different geography, meet just the right people, get various certifications, etc.

You built your case convincingly based on your passion. Your passion is the only thing you need to show to get cash to grow.
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By Stefania Aulicino

The market for endoscopes is a huge market, given all the many procedures that can be done now from NET (nose, ear and throat) to colonoscopies.


As a $2 million repair business addressing these very medical devices, Alex understood all the problems the doctors were experiencing; after all, he was the repair shop for all the different brands.


Alex used the repair revenue and insights to fund a prototype of a universal devise that could support different attachments for each other the various medical disciplines: Swiss Army Knife style.  It was all done.


Alex earned a meeting with an $80 million medical device company with marketing distribution into 12 different specialty medical practices.  He was about give up his power, and a lot of ownership to introduce a new product.

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Is the weak economy keeping you down?
Not if you are an entrepreneur.

In a weak economy, entrepreneurs have the advantage because:

  1. Customers need your innovative solutions more desperately than in a robust economy;
  2. Companies in your marketplace are willing to experiment- what else can they do to resolve their declining revenue and profits?
  3. You can access higher decision-makers, with time on their hands, able to make the commitment to work with you.

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Stefania Aulicino

People say the biggest negative impact on their company is the recent credit crunch, yet few seem to be proactive about addressing this.

The confused credit market is the elephant in the room that no one is addressing.

You are not a bank, but you are a member of a business community: If you don’t protect your business ecosystem, you are actually putting your own company’s long term health at risk.

If you have access to credit, but your customers and vendors are suffering- why not be part of their solution.

If you are starved by credit, don’t cut back your business – reach out to those in your ecosystem who rely on your success.
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