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Archive for November, 2010

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By Stefania Aulicino

“I want to get my company to $10 million in revenue so I can get the attention of buyers and sell it”;
“I want to get to $1 million in EBITDA so I can attract a larger universe of buyers.”

Why would you do all the hard work of building a company to get it to a critical stage of take off and give all that upside away?
If you don’t grow your company, WHO WILL?

Too many entrepreneurs operate from the perspective that you can only monetize value if you sell your company.
The alternative is continue reading…

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By Stefania Aulicino

Enthusiasm is a trait of all successful entrepreneurs. Used incorrectly, it becomes the Achilles’ heal of an entrepreneur’s business model.

The excitement of a new business rallies the Herculean effort of the founding team. People put in 12-hour days for less than normal compensation. In fact you can’t pay for that kind of work ethic. Imagine if you offered to pay your grandmother to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her family and grandchildren: you would actually dis-incent her! You cross the social bounds with commercial bounds.

Yet, trouble starts when the owner builds a business model that continues to rely on Herculean effort instead of shifting to a fully burdened model which can pay cash for value delivered to customers. Pricing is too low to pay for a sustainable team. Customers expect extraordinary service but are not charged a sustainable value-exchange. continue reading…