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Tag: energy rejuvination

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By Stefania Aulicino

Does your company have a backup system for your computers?
What if one of your key executives was stricken unexpectedly?

What if you could backup your team –in just 90 seconds?

Ted’s 5 year old company was in the midst of introducing a new product in the medical endoscope field. Jerry, his VP of operations was his right hand.

As the visionary, Ted came up with the features and Jerry in operations translating production into a saleable process which was cost effective.

Parts were designed, vendors were being selected, the beta customer was ready
Then Jerry ended up in the hospital. continue reading…

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By Stefania Aulicino

Do you consider your company to be passion-driven: Are you on a mission?
Do you have a business plan, whether written or at least a game plan in your mind?

Consider this:
It’s not enough to have a BUSINESS plan for your passion-driven company.
You also have a PERSONAL plan.
A Personal Plan to rejuvenate the PASSION behind the business builder you are.

As the driving force behind your company, if YOU are not in TOP condition, is it really possible for your company to be sustainable in this fast changing world? continue reading…