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By Stefania Aulicino

It’s not about Financing, it’s about Freedom

Why were we mesmerized to see the social revolution in Egypt as the people spontaneous rose up and demanded their freedom?

What is the freedom they wanted? Freedom to pursue their future.
Freedom means you are not condemned to be constrained by your past.
Entrepreneurs are faced with the same issue daily.

Finance is about your past. As such it is a constraint
Your access to funding is based on your collateral- what you did yesterday.
Your past is a “currency” of constraints.

Freedom is about your future.
The future only you can create- which is unlimited.
When you use your future as the valuable currency it is, you can pursue your passion.
The future is a “currency” of freedom

Why did you start your company??
Tom wanted to profit from new opportunities as he way them.
Mary wanted to deliver results in a more efficient way.
Hank wanted to avoid doing things like everyone else- he saw a better way.

Freedom is a human longing. All people want freedom. You, as an entrepreneur- can use your future as a currency. Cash. So you have Freedom to pursue your passion.

When you make your company’s future tangible enough for others to buy, people will give you credit for that future today.
You design your own products and services;
Your solutions earn premium prices from customers who view them as critical for their future success;
So why not use your future the same way to create funding sources.
Seek out those who will benefit from your company’s success. Reach out to your eco-system.

Wealth can ultimately be defined as discretionary time and discretionary cash.
These are just other words for freedom to pursue your passion.

As an entrepreneur, your future is also the source of your money to give you freedom to share with others. And when you build the future of your business as you really want it, you create jobs for others who want to change their future.

Declare your independence!
Become economically self sufficient!
Use your future as the valuable currency it is!
As entrepreneurs, the rest of the word needs you because your company is the engine to change the future, and that is what freedom is all about. ### stop
Freedom is a human longing. All people want freedom
But you did something to deserve it-
You build a buienss and are willing to build the weathth that will give you freedom

E want the same thing as all peoole want, but E are willing to do someotih about it.
Freedom takes MONEY in American- to do what you want

Freedome is meaued in discretionary time
To pursue your passion
To profit from opproites as you see then
To gain wealth and use it as youy see fit
To have Flexibliy of time
To aovid doing thigs the old way
to aovid risk
To use your free time as you wish

That is why you started your company…
To make money
To gain flex time
To avoid being traped by obsolete/ old wys of doing things that did not protet your freedom.

Declare your independence
Become economically self suficnty
Freedom requies cash.

Use your own unque currency
Use your future as the valuable currency it is.

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